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“If Paradise was on earth, it would be here", wrote great writer Nikos Kazantzakis when he visited the island of Naxos. And he was right!
Naxos is the largest, most fertile and self-sufficient island in the Cyclades. An island with a history of centuries, unique sights, alternating landscapes, hospitable residents and good food.... in the most beautiful place of the Aegean.


Filoti is the largest village in Cyclades and after Chora it has the most residents on the island. The village is particularly developed both socially and touristically and is a perfect destination, with plenty of restaurants, cafes and folk art shops. In the big square of the village, the old plane tree stands uncomfortable, offering its shade to every visitor. From the square amphitheatrically spread the paths of the village that await you to explore. The first station is the church of the Dormitories of the Virgin Mary, or Virgin Mary of Filoti, which was built after the inhabitants tried to obtain the land from the owner of the tower. A little further is the Barozzi Tower and next to it there is a fountain with marble taps and a marble inscription built in the years of Othon.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 16km


Mikri Vigla beach is sandy and stretches over a distance of about one kilometer, while its waters are wonderful and deep in succession. Mikri Vigla is an organized beach and has umbrellas and sun loungers. So, it is ideal for rest, swimming, sunbathing and diving. A hill divides Mikri Vigla from the next beautiful beach, which allows the visitor to always swim in calm waters depending on the wind blowing.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 15km


Chalki is located in the basin of Tragaia, in the hilly part of Naxos. It is a very beautiful and picturesque village with neoclassical houses and a lot of vegetation. Chalki has for many years been the brilliant social, economic, religious and cultural center of the island. Graphic streets and squares, blooming balconies, varied shops, orchards and olive groves make up the scenery of a gorgeous painting. There is the impressive temple of Panagia Protothroni, which is a must-see for any visitor.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 13km


Agios Prokopios is the most popular beach on the island and is considered one of the best in Greece and Europe. It is awarded every year with a blue flag, stretches over 1.5 km long and has crystal blue water and blond sand while it is protected by the northern winds. Part of it is organized and provides sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports centers. The other part is left in its natural beauty. It offers a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 7km


Built amphitheatrically on the slope of a lush vegetation, Melanes is one of the oldest villages in Naxos. The green of the trees and the old watermills magnetize visitor's eye. The delicious food you will taste in the taverns of the village is one of the reasons that will bring you here. The other, is the many important sights in the wider area, such as the Kouros in Flerio, the ancient aqueduct and the sanctuary of the springs.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 5km


Agios Georgios beach is located within the settlement of the city of Naxos. The continuous award of the blue flag beach is a guarantee of the quality and the services you will find. It’s an endless sandy beach, with blue-green waters, perfectly organized and suitable for every visitor. It features sun loungers, umbrellas, water sports and many tavernas, cafes, restaurants.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 3km


Chora is the capital of Naxos, built in the middle of the west coast of the island, at the site of the ancient city of Naxos. Visitors and especially will have the opportunity to experience many important monuments of Hellenism such as Portara, the archaeological site of Grotta and the Venetian Castle. The archaeological museum of Chora provokes the impression of travelers.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 2km


It is the "most authentic" village of the whole island and one of the most beautiful parts of the Aegean. Today, Apiranthos is the spiritual center of Naxos with a rich cultural tradition. In the archaeological museum of the village, there are finds of the Cycladic era, with prominent "alluvial plaques". The visitor can also see Manolis Glezos' geological museum with rare exhibits, the folklore museum and the Natural History Museum with plenty of plants and cetacean skeletons, as well as a beautiful aquarium. The village, beyond the synonym of culture, is also a destination for those who seek the ultimate natural beauty combined with the picturesque landscape of a traditional Cycladic village. Walk to the paved alleys, go under the marble arches and taste the best wine of the island in its traditional cafes.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 23km


A beautiful, coastal route from Aggidia and Chora to the northern coast of the island will take you to the sandy beach of Apollo. The beach, located at the edge of the homonymous settlement, combines golden sand with fine pebbles, attracting families with children, couples and nature lovers. Within a stone's throw of the beach, you will find plenty of good food and coffee options, and there is also a pier for small boats.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 37km


In Panermos, the landscape certainly does not look like Greece, but as an exotic destination. A beach of palm trees reaching up to the sea, stone chairs, crystal clear sand and an impressive plume are the pieces of the puzzle that complete the photographs taken daily by the beach visitors. Beneath the palm trees and next to the waves, guests will find a canteen that serves the necessary: raki, souvlaki and french fries.

Distance from Aggidia Guest Houses: 52km